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I'm Joshua. I've been in the micro community since 2003. I go by the handles Digclaw and Wiseman.

Micro Biography

Around December of 2002 I was on Alvaro's comic boards and accidentally clicked on a Superman thing and ended up at the JLA micro heroes site.

That led me to other micros sites until I arrived at the lilguys collective page. about a month later I joined the Lilguys group and two or three months later I posted my first micros. They were the original versions of my JAA characters. Around that time Robert Bradley had made the first Byrne and Kirby templates.

I saw some X-men micros from the Thomas/Adams era and decided there should be Neal Adams versions. So I got out my Neal Adams X-Men Visionaries and made a crude Neal Adams template. I made some micros from the Thomas/Adams sentinel story and sent my template to Robert Bradley to see what he thought. He gave me advice then made a better version of the Adams template and made Avengers. I then started work on my second template. I made a Marc Silvestri template using issues of uncanny and the x-men vs avengers mini series. I also made Starman micros using a Tony Harris template I had made. Early on I became obsessed with reference matching. I started wanting my micros to look as much like the original source as possible.

Somewhere around here I made my first Megaman micros which later got revamped.

Then Yahoo stopped storing images and the Monje archive era began. They were actually some fun times. During that era I began my crisis on infinite earths series using Robert's first Perez template. I began my flash micros around this time too.

Kat hosted a cartoon micros contest and I created Smurfs, early versions of my Transformers, Mask, Bravestar, my first version of BP Vess from COPS, Quicksilver from Silverhawks.

After Monje's archive ended, I started my Doctor Who micros.

I went through phases of productivity and eventually decided to lurk on some of the micro message boards (ok, the micro message board since what would become MIB was the only board at the time) I showed up just as the french board had been hacked and once it opened up as the MIB, I decided to join.

Micro Making

I tend to let my micros speak for me.

My idols in micro making are Robert Bradley and Ben Cooper. Robert Bradley represents continued Growth and Ben Copper represents diversity in subject matter and lack of fear of tackling said subject matter (the man made Bucky O'Hare for crying out loud!!!!).

Here is the evolution of my craft starting with my first micros to more recent ones

JAA1.png JAA2.png JAA3.png


MIB II gallery: http://microheroes.virtuaboard.com/Microheroes-Micro-Heros-c2/Your-Galleries-Vos-Galeries-f4/FreeBot-Central-Old-MIB-repost-pg27-t135.htm

Initiative gallery: http://z11.invisionfree.com/TheInitiative/index.php?showforum=24

Contact: hamalama@hotmail.com