Micro-Heroes Wiki

The French Board[]

The first Microheroes French board started around September 2003. Created by Nani (Yannick Desette) the board was quite famous in the French community (basically French comic books readers). The community grew bigger and bigger, and soon due to some of the members posting on the lilguys Yahoo group Nani and his friends decided to expand the board, creating an English section.

It was both a good and a bad idea. A good idea because with English speaking members the board had a big success. And a bad Idea because of the work it caused. The moderating team was French and had to translate a lot of messages into French or from French to English. Soon the work was too big, too many new member didn't even care to read the rules, and Nani decided to shut down the board.

Micro-Heroes International Board[]

Logo phpBBA.png

A month or so passed, and Ced101 former second in, command on Nani's board decided on popular demand to open a new board. Microheroes the board was then created. Past members like Felis7 (Frederic Bascou) and Dax (Louis-Marie Roux-Sire) joined and where soon moderators and translators on this new board. The Community never stopped growing, more and more members each day, sharing microheroes, tips and advices.

On February 2006 the board was hacked by some nasty hacker and he deleted all the database of the board. Unfortunately Ced101 never saved the database. So he created the board again, and everybody had to register again. Some member where lost, but new members also joined.


MIB II Logo-ZBB.png

During the next summer, Ced101 who was busy with his personal life gave the administration to Dax and Joebleau (a French and a Quebecker). They did their best to clean the board and run it. At the time, Microheroes the board had already been renamed Microheroes International Board (a.k.a MIB). Running the board was a hard job. A lot of credit war was happening on the board. Members were accusing each other, sometimes without proofs. So Joebleau and Dax decides to close the board for a time, time to clean completely and to make a new start, but the board was too big. It was simply better to create a new board. And so they did.

International Board II was born. It was in November 2006. Since these days, Dax and Felis7 (who were both Administrators of the MIB II with Joebleau) had to quit due to personal difficulties. The Board is was run by Dracine and Fudge (an American, and a Uker). The moderating team is international too. French, Brazilians, English, Spanish, Americans and Quebeckers are represented. Currently the Admin Team consists of Dax and Spaz after Dracine stepped down in early 2010 following a board dispute.