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Robert Bradley (aka:Bobster) is the godfather of the Micro-Hero community. He started in the craft working with the original storTropers template. He was a charter member of the lilguys group, and was the co-creator of the original standard Micro-Hero template. Bobster has served as inspiration and mentor to several waves of micro-hero creators. He triggered the second wave of micro-heroes by creating the first creator inspired templates, The John Byrne and Jack Kirby templates.


By far, he has proven to be the most prolific micro creator in the community. As the years have passed, he has made micros covering various media, comic books, movies, television, historical figures, mythological heroes and monsters, to sports stars and even himself. Marvel Comics' Avengers is his most common subject of choice since he is an avid Avengers fan.


Outside of Micro-Heroes, Robert, who works at a public library in Phoenix, is a basketball historian and is the founder and President of the Association for Professional Basketball Research and authored the book The Compendium of Professional Basketball Research, and co-wrote/researched the chapter on pre-World War II basketball leagues in Total Basketball: The Ultimate Basketball Encyclopedia.

Bradley also keeps a "small" collection of his work at his website at http://web.archive.org/20020106091846/www.geocities.com/microheroes/Avengers.html