Micro-Heroes Wiki

I'm trying to avoid having rules, but since wikis have to be careful when it comes to posting images, I thought I would post this guide for the micro community.

First, here's where to look up the copyright tags

Help:Image copyright tags[]

Now for micros we only have to worry about two types of tags.

If a micro is of a licensed character, use a Fair Use tag and explain that it is a fan art micro for non commercial means

If you are posting a template or a micro of an original creation of your own, then use the Public Domain tag explaining that it is your creation.

If it's your original version of a licensed character or concept, use the fair use tag saying it is a fan art micro for non commercial means as a form of parody.

Don't post someone else's micros unless you have their permission. I'll set up a general permission article later.

If you don't know whose micro it is to get permission, don't bother uploading it.