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Bases and Accessories[]

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The Micro-Heroes International Board II.
A message board that has Micro-heroes and much more artwork.
A group created by Jacobe Matthews to help people make Micro-Heroes.
A Board for Micros and More

Groups/Mailing Lists[]

The birthplace of Micro-Heroes
Another Micros group on yahoo


The largest Micro-Heroes collection.
The official Micro-Hero and Pixel-Hero Archive.
A large collection of templates and also the work of creator Johnny Patche, though the website does not work properly now.


The work of founder Robert Bradley.
The Micro-heroes of creator Ryan C.
The work of creator Kat along with the micros of others.
The micros of creator Fierce Almond.
Micro-heroes by a Brazilian creator, Barney.
Made in Brazil, by Carnage.
A WWE, WCW, ECW, and Classic Wrestling Micro-Heroes site.
Total collection of Micro-heroes by SxH.
Characters adapted from many TV shows by Xander Etherton.
Micros by Campy Phillip.
Micros by Lilith Von Silver, including Charmed, Buffy, Disney, super-heroes and much much more.
Micros by Razer including Byzantine Micros
Micros by Blue Beetle

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