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FlibieCP28Deadpool FlibieCP28Deadpool 19 August 2013

Making a Micro - Using Paint

Hello, today we are going to make a basic micro hero using some tools.

-MS Paint

-Micro Templates

First we must open the MS Paint program. Once you've done that you should get an image like this:

Now we need to make sure we have the correct paper size. Go to the top bar and click Image. Go down to attributes and click on it. Your attributes should look like this. If they are not copy mine:

Now we must open our micro base. If you do not have one here is the one I used = http://reocities.com/copperagecomics/_templates/byrne_male_basic.gif

Once you've saved the file open it in paint. It should look like this:

Now go to edit on the top bar and click copy. Then in the other paint click edit again but this time click paste. The micro should appear there…

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